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With the introduction of new shuttle car models, a quantity of 10SC-22B machines are being made redundant. Coalmac Engineering would like to suggest how these redundant machines could be put to good use in a production situation from a safety production and environmental point of view, and at the same time be cost effective.

First of all, the discharge boom and flight conveyor would be removed, the rest of the machine would remain the same i.e. a mobile, flameproof unit which has the ability of traveling to any point in a production section. The shuttle car will be given a mini overhaul to ensure reliability.

The type of equipment  which could be fitted to this platform might be as follows :

  1. A crane which could be used for many functions and would be mounted over the front stabilizer cylinders.  This could be used to transport, remove and replace sub assemblies and change tyres etc.
  2. Four retractable hose reels for hydraulic oil, gear oil, grease and compressed air.
  3. Two oil containers, 740 litres for hydraulic oil and 620 litres for lubricating oil plus a drum for grease.
  4. An 810 litre tank to collect and remove used oil for disposal.
  5. 31 CFM flameproof compressor for the retractable hose reels and air power tools i.e. an impact wrench etc.
  6. A heavy duty vice.
  7. Various compartments can be fitted on request for tool boxes, spares, wooden blocks etc.
  8. A tow hitch will be fitted at both ends of the machine.
  9. The drivers compartment will have a certified canopy.
  10. All safety lights and alarms will be fitted plus other area lights where required.
  11. Fire extinguishers.
  12. A high pressure cleaning machine complete with a large water tank with a capacity of 640 litres, which will allow 20 minutes for cleaning.
  13. All machines will have a certificate of flameproof acceptance.
  14. All mobile workshops will be brake tested to SABS 1594:1994 for trackless underground vehicles.

The 10SC22-B Shuttle Car is still very popular and spares will be readily available for many years to come, and most artisans are conversant with the machine.


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